Red Dragon Armoury HEMA Equipment

We are part of the Knight Shop International.The Knight Shop International is one of Europe’s largest retailers and wholesalers of replica militaria and associated giftware.
Our synthetic sword range and components are proudly manufactured in the UK and distributed to all corners of the globe.

Leather Mask Overlay

Full Mask Overlay

Forearm and Elbow Protectors

RDP005-3 RDP004-5 RDP006-3

Light Sparring Jacket

Sparring Jacket

Sparring Pants

RDP002 RDP001-3 RDP003-1

Fencing Mask

Sparring Gloves

Knee and Shin Protectors

ws-m002 Gloves-Top NOBG 1000x1000 amk13_1

Red Dragon Groin Protector

Kit Bag

Red Dragon Throat Protector

 SG10 Kit Bag SG100

Stage Combat Sabre

Stage Combat Court Sword

Stage Combat Rapier

Stage Combat Sabre WS-002-UR WS-003-UR

Easton Sabre

Club Federschwert

Meyer Federschwert

US-KS-002-UR US-KS-001-3-UR US-KS-001-4-UR

Synthetic Arming Sword

Synthetic Longsword

Synthetic Bastard Sword

Arming Sword Longsword Red Dragon Bastard Sword

Synthetic Langes Messer

Synthetic Messer

Synthetic Falchion

Langes Messer Messer Falchion

Synthetic Cutlass

Synthetic Basket Hilt Sword

Synthetic Blades

Cutlass Basket Hilt Synthetic Blades

Synthetic Guards

Synthetic Pommels

Synthetic Grips

Synthetic Guards Synthetic Pommels Synthetic Grips